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Who takes online courses?

People choose to learn from home for a number of different reasons. Some enjoy the independence, some are homebound, some find it an easier way to balance education and life, and some appreciate the ability to learn at their own pace.


Online - does it mean alone?

You can access our elearning environment using any Internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Choose the time and place that works for you! Participate in group discussion, post your exercises and assignments, and review feedback. Much of your course work can be done offline, too.


What technology do I need to take an online course?

It's always a smart idea to think about your computer set up before enrolling in an online course. A lot of today's online courses require that students view streaming videos and other multimedia, so having the right equipment is essential. Please ask the office for their specific requirements.


Is it hard to learn how to use the eLearning environment?

Not at all. Using the elearning environment is similar to using e-mail, your computer at work, or any software program.

UNIGIS approach to online learning:

  • Provide orientation that helps new learners quickly learn their way around.
  • Don't let the technology get in the way of learning.
  • Build the courses to accommodate people's different levels of proficiency.


How do I receive and hand in assignments?

All assignments are available in your eLearning environment. All activities are clearly organized in the syllabus. You can view all assignments, due dates, and grading criteria to help you plan. You can view and print assignments, discuss them with your colleagues, and ask for feedback from your instructor. The elearning platform also allows you to submit your assignments in a drop box.


How do I interact with my instructor and learning colleagues?

One of the greatest strengths of the online learning environment is the opportunity to discuss issues and gain ideas from your instructors and other learners.


Can I use my Apple Computer?

The use of an Apple Computer instead of an PC is principally possible but a specific support for this platform cannot be offered.


Do I have to budget any additional costs?

  • Communication during the study time (e.g. fax, telephone, Internet)
  • Purchase of hardware and software (see Study Environment for details)
  • Software used in compulsory modules is available to students mostly free of charge during the active study period
  • Trips to an interview or consultancy during the study period, to attend workshops, summer schools, or UNIGIS update conferences.

You may want to invest in buying essential (text) books or attend a seminar on a topic of interest to you. Your UNIGIS student status will come in handy as it entitles you to possible discounts on participation fees for seminars offered by UNIGIS partner institutions. Students also receive a 40% discount on all ESRI Virtual Campus modules; many of the Virtual Campus modules are already accessible for UNIGIS students free of charge.


Do any costs occure if I have to extend the study period?

In case a student exceeds the time period required to complete the course, the right to receive further mentoring and assessment by Salzburg University is terminated. It is possible however to agree on the continuation of the study with the university course leadership. In this case an additional fee of 15 % of the current applicable annual course fee is due for each calendar month.